Aesclepius Medical Society Medical Missions

Aesclepius Medical Society (AMS) Medical Missions provide the opportunity for healthcare professionals to serve in Haiti two to three times a year.  Non-medical volunteers participate as essential support.  The purpose of these short-term missions is to provide medical aid and education to the people in Port-au-Prince, Delmas, provincial villages and distressed rural areas, with little or no access to professional healthcare.  When participating in these missions, foreign volunteers are able to experience first hand and share in another culture and also make a difference abroad.  As for the native volunteers, they are given the opportunity to give back to their country, by contributing in improving the health, wellness and quality of life for their brothers and sisters, in need of higher standard of care.
We work in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the National Health Committee in Haiti to support existing health structure, in providing medical supplies and eventually training local health workers, to help rebuild the capacity of Haiti’s health care system. 
AMS also has a track record in organizing medical missions in other major cities such as Jacmel, validated by yearly and, on occasion, semi-annually trips there where the medical need is immeasurable; and presently, in Gonaives where a group of clinicians and support staff are attending individuals  affected by the cholera outbreak.
The Earthquake of January 2010 devastated Haiti and left images never seen before. To keep in line with the robust demand to respond quickly, the Aesclepius Medical Society effectively contacted and secured many volunteers to go the country and provided, at first, urgent care and subsequently, both urgent and primary care, at the State General Hospital, in Port-au-Prince, and multiple areas in dire need. To date, the organization has sent approximately 150 volunteers to Haiti, in a total of 10 different groups.
Anyone who wishes to volunteer at one of our medical missions can e-mail us at AMSMD.Org or, for more information, or simply fill out our Volunteer Application form posted on the website. You will get a reply within 24 hours.

Financial Contribution to AMS Medical Mission Trips
            Tax deductible donations can be made by:

  • Checks made payable to Aesclepius Medical Society (write Medical Mission on the memo line, at the bottom left of check) mailed to 1452 Flatbush Avenue- Suite #3, Brooklyn, NY 11210.

AMS (Aesclepius Medical Society, Inc.) is a registered 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.  We are a volunteer based organization with minimal overhead and operating expenses that are covered through other resources.  Your contribution will solely be used for the missions.
On behalf of AMS, we thank you, in advance, for your support and appreciate your generosity!

Dominique Martin
Medical Missions & Hospital Project Director
Aesclepius Medical Society
1452 Flatbush Avenue / Suite #3
Brooklyn, NY 11210