October 16, 2010
Dear Ms. Ethelane,
I have the habit of sharing a plant with my patient who has had an unfortunate health-related circumstance. Following your incomprehensible disease that occurred months ago, I thought of sending you a plant that could represent Strength, Pride or Honor, but I had difficulty deciding on one that could easily be managed in and outside the home, depending on the season.
On Sunday, October 1, 2010, as I was relocating my banana trees into the house because the temperature has been lowering, I noticed that one of them “gave birth” to a beautiful “infant”… I asked a child who was present if she could give a name to the youngster. She responded: “Sunshine.” I said: “Perfect; this is perfect!”
I thought of you as the Sunshine that you have been to your family and others as a nurse; I momentarily decided that this would be the perfect plant for you. Your life experience will speak to the fact that you have seen and understood more about banana trees than I. It suffices just to state that they like sunshine and warm temperatures. Just separated from its mother, Sunshine does not look too well now. In a few days or so, Sunshine will shine and shine!
I hope that you will enjoy your other-self as well as this book that does not speak much about sunshine, but a lot about the human spirit.
Continue to take care and be well!
Herold Simon, M.D.