Dominique Martin

The city of Gonaives, located at 110 km. north of Port-au-Prince (HAITI), with an estimated population of 200,000, was flooded by three hurricanes in the past six years: Jeanne in 2004, Hannah and Ike in 2008.  The city suffered substantial damages and casualties among which water and mud level were up to three meters high, secondary and elementary schools were damaged and closed, waters were contaminated from dead livestock and the main hospital, LA PROVIDENCE, was destroyed and left inoperative.  Healthcare has ever since been dispensed through small health centers.

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Deeply touched by the tragedy of 2004, Docs Tee Time (DTT), one of the two organizational parts of the Aesclepius Medical Society (AMS) merger, opted to concentrate its efforts in building a principal hospital in Gonaives, a state-of-the-art hospital. Dr. Marcel Benoit, Founder and Past President of DTT, was joined in this endeavor by Dr. Karl Lartortue in 2007, who, at that time, was the President of DTT. They made several trips to
Gonaives, attended meetings after meetings with government and local authorities, to familiarize themselves with the formalities and compliances, in order to have several acres of land donated to the organization.  Having multiple facets, twists and turns, it was not a humungous task.

 The Late Mayor of Gonaives, Stephen (Topa) Moise, was very instrumental in securing the land. Brunel Saint-Pierre and his family understood the importance and impact of such project in the area and donated four (4) acres of land to DTT, in a town called La Hatte Rocher, located  at 7.6 km north of Gonaives, to erect the new hospital, Independence Hospital Center.    This location is considered by the OCHA-UN-HAITI (Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – United Nations – Haiti) as one of the alternative relocation sites in Gonaives, for displaced families.   

The objective is to provide comprehensive, primary and secondary health care, at no cost, to the inhabitants of the northern region and other areas of Haiti, in need of health care services, as inpatient and outpatient.  The Independence Hospital Center will include, but not be limited to:

  • HIV Center
  • Internal Medicine Ward
  • Pediatric Ward
  • Maternity Ward
  • Rehabilitation Center
  • Ambulance Base
  • 2 Emergency Rooms (Medical and pediatric)
  • Operating Room
  • Educational Suite
  • Refugee Camp


The capital cost of the project is approximately fifty million dollars ($50,000.000.00).  AMS is diligently looking to partner up with different entities, to be able to draw on a network of supportive allies who share same interest, in order to help concretize such ambitious and challenging  project. 

A committee is created to focus on the overall management of the hospital project.  It is composed of Dr. Marcel Benoit, Chairperson; Dr. Karl Latortue, Vice-Chair; and Dominique Martin, Project Director.

More development about the Hospital Project will be posted on the website as progress is made, to keep the general public and our devoted supporters abreast of the different phases of the initiative.

For donations to the Hospital Project, send checks payable to Aesclepius Medical Society (on the Memo line at the bottom left of the check, write “Hospital Project”) to the following address:

Aesclepius Medical Society, Inc.
1452 Flatbush Avenue / Suite #3
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