Chantal Turnier, M.D.

A Medical Doctor by profession, Chantal Turnier has devoted herself to community service particularly in the area Health Education and special populations. She was the Assistant Director of Healthcare Institute; highly focused medical professional and educator, with over 20 years developing, managing and delivering health education programs to meet the unique learning styles of adult students. She has the passion for integrating teaching methodologies, technologies, and delivery systems that respond to the needs of participants and the community they serve. She is an Effective communicator, presenter, and negotiator. She has worked as the Coordinator of the Caribbean Women's Health Association's (CWHA) HIV/AIDS Case Management Project, which provided case management and support services to HIV positive individuals and their families. Dr. Turnier and her team handled a case load of almost 200 clients per year, 50% of whom were HIV positive, 30% had full blown AIDS and 20% were relatives and significant others. In addition to her duties at CWHA, Dr. Turnier spent some of her time at Rose House, a residential care facility for the homeless and mentally challenged individuals. She worked with 168 mentally ill, homeless of whom 40% were HIV positive. Very recently, as Clinical Manager in the Quality Management department of HealthFirst, Dr. Turnier was once again proving her dedication to make sure that there are no discrepancies in healthcare provision. She is presently the Assistant Director of Hospitals for the Haitian Community Resilience Initiative program at Kings County Hospital Center. A state-funded program designed to assist Haitians living in New York State who have been affected by the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010.

A national from Haiti and having studied in Mexico, Dr. Turnier is fluent in French and Haitian Creole, Spanish, and English. Her multi-lingual skills coupled with her dedication to community work make her an asset to many organizations. Despite her many commitments, Dr. Turnier finds time to serve on the Board of the Aesclepius Medical Society. She has actively been involved with the organization for more than fifteen years. Dr. Turnier also served as a Consultant to the Virginia State Department of Health where she developed and implemented programs targeting migrant workers around HIV/AIDS and Pre and Post-Test counseling. She was invited back for five consecutive years because of her excellent performance.

Dr. Turnier's high degree of personal commitment and her strong sense of vision attuned to the unique cultural needs of her clients make her an invaluable resource for those she serves.
She believes that quality care must be provided at all levels of care giving and that knowledge is power. She, therefore, facilitated training on Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases;  the spectrum of HIV/AIDS to registered nurses, nurse's aides and home attendants at Best Care Inc., and All Boro Services .

A champion in promoting Health education and prevention, Dr. Turnier has made significant contributions at the local, national and international levels. However, her compassionate caring is most deeply felt by the most vulnerable. This sentiment was most succinctly expressed by one of her clients who said, ''Dr. Turnier has given me hope that there is a tomorrow."            Ct 4-10-12